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Our adventure has started in 1966 with 10m2 working area in Konya, when it comes 2001 our working area has been 2000m2. Today, we adopt the principle of developing our company and our city. Soylu Triko which exports to 10 countries its products by using advanced technologies. Our company closely follows the technological developments and it focuses on improve product variety and increase the quality of products. Our company and our products appreciated and sometimes imitate by competitors. Being such a brand makes us proud and honored. We grow stronger and stronger day by day to achieve better. Our Vision By following the developing technologies closely; To provide the best quality product that the customer needs, in the best conditions and in the shortest possible time. Our Mission In the textile sector, where innovation and trend have emerged every day; To continue the brand journey by further expanding the presence of the company that has achieved high growth and growth. In this journey, we always keep customer satisfaction and requests in the foreground, to maintain the production and work of the brand in parallel.
Baharoglu Textile is one of the largest limited company in the sector of uniform in Turkey and was established in 1974 and since then it has been developing continuously. Our company creates and gives professional solutions to customers about their uniforms and satisfying their needs. Our company is continuously receiving thanks and satisfactions from the customers on the quality of our garments. This gives us stimulus to improve our production and quality of products. We are proud to be the first choice of customers who need school, medical and worker uniforms. Currently we are working with several companies from all over the world such as USA, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Russia, Kazakhstan, Romania, Nigeria, Jordan, Latvia, Algeria, Malta, Moldova, Albania, Qatar, England, Senegal and others. Our Chair of the Board , Mehmet Baharoglu, and his young but dynamic managerial staff’s aim is to be leading firm, to get the products off to the customers in best and cheapest conditions by qualified people and high-technology either in production process or through Gaziantep and Estambul branches, to raise the service quality and work in this direction.
Hiko textile Inc. was established in 2001 and is a family business serving the international garment industry. Our company which started to export ready-made clothing from knitted fabric since the beg
As A2 Mumessillik we manufacture and supply textiles, readywears, garments, clothings, clothes, t-shirts, sweatshirts, pullovers, woven items, underwears, socks, towels, textile, readywear, garment, clothing, cloth, t-shirt, sweatshirt, pullover, woven item, underwear, towel, man textiles, man readywears, man garments, man clothings, man clothes, man t-shirts, man sweatshirts, man pullovers, man woven items, man underwears, man socks, man towels, man textile, man readywear, man garment, man clothing, man cloth, man t-shirt, man sweatshirt, man pullover, man woven item, man underwear, man towel, woman textiles, woman readywears, woman garments, woman clothings, woman clothes, woman t-shirts, woman sweatshirts, woman pullovers, woman woven items, woman underwears, woman socks, woman towels, woman textile, woman readywear, woman garment, woman clothing, woman cloth, woman t-shirt, woman sweatshirt, woman pullover, woman woven item, woman underwear, woman towel, child textiles... We are the agent/supplier of some of the French / Italian / Danish and Spanish brands. We are making tee-shirts, sweatshirts, pullovers, woven items, underwear, socks, towels for Mans / Ladies / Child… We have our own factory for the tee-shirts and sweatshirts. We are able to produce all kinds of circular knitting items in our factory based on Istanbul, approx 150.000 pcs per month. We have our own design team in house who create the new ideas regarding the trends of our customers. We transform all our designs to the first collection protos in our own sampling room as well. We can provide high quality, efficient suppliers, competitive prices and workable delivery dates. Please read our working process as below. We want to be a confidential bridge between your company and the suppliers.
ZEN TEXTILE is a manufacturer and exporter company founded on 1994 in K.Maras / Turkey. We have been providing fast and high capacity production, export and import services based on latest technology with our experienced team to the significant customers in all over the world. Our goal is to ensure of our customers orders by controlling all steps of production, starting from supplying of raw materials to shipment inspections. Our professional approach is governed by a clear understanding of what the customer’s needs are and a commitment to protecting their product development. We follow the customers requests at production units; * Preparing sample and collection. * Controlling the order forms collected from clients, completing any missing details. * Controlling and advising of the preproduction samples before delivery. * Final inspection and reporting. * Transportation and logistics. We are manufacturing any kind of; Apparel for casual, promotional and home wear such as; t-shirt, sweat shirt, polo shirt, pyjamas, night gowns and hoodies with all kind of finishings - printing and embroidery. Knitted fabrics; single jersey, rib, interlock, pique, double and three yarn fleece from several type of fibers such as; cotton, cotton/elastane, cotton/polyester, viscose, viscose/elastane, modal, tencel and etc.
Akmen Fabrics Industry and Trade A.S, established in 1970, belongs to the most important companies in the fields of “FANCY YARNS'' and “KNITTED FABRICS” in Turkey. Starting with the fibre preparation plant in the 10,000 m2 Avcilar (Istanbul) facility , we produce fashionable fancy yarns like Bouckleé, Frizeé, burl etc. With the use of these yarns we produce circular knitting fabrics. With our 70 employees , we offer our customers world-wide and in Turkey innovative yarns and knitted fabrics , which needs competitive power, activated own contribution and special diligence . Taking into account the globalization of the textile sector we try to reach permanently and always the best and develope each day new deseigns and models. 80% of our productions are provided by the customers in Turkey, which are exporting knitwear garments world-wide . Remaining 20% of our production we are exporting as fabrics to European countries.
Inteks, founded in 1977, has come until today with managers and employees who committed to working devotedly so far and we also have built a positive team spirit because we trust and value our employees. The company has reached the present modern structure due to ability to perceive customer expectations in every season and adaptability to competitive conditions by focusing on R & D which is an essential element of growth and development through innovation for the company and the country. We strive to provide an excellent service in terms of quality production and productivity and create value for customers by constantly offering new products. Our product groups consist of outerwear made with standard and high quality knitted fabrics in accordance with fashion trends for woman, man and kids.
Our brand WSS Wessi Menswear established in 2008 and it combines all menswear details such as suits, tuxedos, blazers, coats, knitwears, shirts, t-shirts, trousers, shoes and accessories. Wessi takes steps with principle of accuracy, inspects the entire process from production to presentation, provides natural and quality items. Wessi has ranked among the fast-growing companies whose strategy is built upon excellence, quality and reasonable prices. WSS Wessi whose ideal is becoming a family since its foundation aimed at providing a service manner of a domestic affection and respect. It is a company formed on demand and sincerity, and aware of the importance of your satisfaction. As a brand for men who are open to new experiences and aware of their own value, not their casual formations influenced by fashion trend but their style and line, brave and peculiar designs,we are working for men who do not compromise on their collections that they like to wear in their lives., and we add practical touches to your lives. Combining traditional attitude with modern workmanship, WSS Wessi offers you its unique attitude with its production and accessible price which embraces the development and production. We invite you to the Wss Wessi family where you will find the style the right and the impeccable that you are inspired by ownself. The practices that translate the circumstances into favor, and as your home that you will feel comfortable and confident in every situation.
Asteks Group is one of the global leading manufacturer, established in 2001. And soon became the leading woven and knitted products manufacturer and one of the major exporters of garments in Turkey at Mersin Free Zone. Over the years, Asteks Group enlarged it’s capacity by building a new plant at the east of Turkey in Batman at 2011. Many world famous retailers have been Asteks’s customers from all over the World. Our Company produces designs that represent the inspirational interests and lifestyles of people on every continent for the brands. Imagination fuels the creativity of our designers We encourage them to be free on focusing product design and innovation. Concerning fashion trend follow up; our designers, fabric procurement and sales teams visit key markets, fairs and shows all around the world. They got inspired and transform their inspiration into our business. Our extensive network for global sourcing and procurement empowers us to produce competitive, qualified and value-added products on time Presenting collection considering customer demands and fashion trends,producing fast&affordable apparel prodcution. Distinctive points of Askteks Group is the flexible short lead-time services and quality. Each step of our production is carefully observed to assure the required standards of craftsmanship, quality and reliability. We take action to do the right thing and hold responsibility for our decisions, operations and products in the best interest of our customers.